Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Pod Test

PodCastle has released their latest weekly fantasy audio-story, "The Grand Cheat" by Hilary Moon Murphy, read by Rajan Khann.

My finest cheat started long ago, before India was even a country. Most of us were still under British rule, one way or another. I was apprenticed to Sri Ghare, one of the greatest negotiators in the princely states. I lived with him and his wife in a fine manor. Though I was from a poor family, he always treated me like I was his own son.

This fantasy story, originally published in Tales of the Unanticipated, this audio-story runs nearly 27 minutes and is available in MP3 Here.

(An enjoyable and very clever story. Well written, well read)

From Feedbooks, many more pulp, adventure stories from Conan creator Robert E. Howard and four more short stories from contemporary SF/fantasy author Richard Kadrey.

Robert E. Howard: "Circus Fists," "Fist and Fang," "General Ironfist," "Night of Battle," "Sluggers on the Beach," "Texas Fists," "The Bull Dog Breed," "The Slugger's Game," and "The Iron Man,"

Richard Kadrey: "Heat Island," "Herzog's Benediction," "A Cautionary Tale," and "The Enigma Event"

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