Wednesday, December 24, 2008

The Man Who Didn't Know Venus

A surprise in the recently uploaded Lost Worlds #5 (October 1952) at Golden Age Comics, a text story by Jerome Bixby. Jerome Bixby was an SF short story writer who, among other things, was the editor of Planet Stories for a year, but is best known for writing the classic Star Trek episodes "Mirror, Mirror," "Requiem for Methusela," and "Day of the Dove," as well as the story and co-writing the teleplay for "By Any Other Name." Unlike earlier transcripted stories, these scans are by Geo and are easily readable. (click on each picture to enlarge them to readable size.)

The whole comic book is available at Golden Age Comics HERE.

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Karswell said...

If you're interested Dave I can start submitting pre-code sci-fi stories to you to post if you'd like? I have tons of great stuff that probably wouldn't fit so much into the horrific scheme of things over at THOIA, but if you're willing I can send you some scans occasionally. I do it with the Catacombs and Kitty as you know, it's no problem... love doing it.